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Car Storage Facility

Storage Service

We are very excited to announce the opening of our new automotive storage facilities. We offer to our clients a safe and protected space to store their beloved classic and sports cars, or even motorcycles, which we will be more than happy to maintain.

Insurance Protected

All of the vehicles stored in our facilities are insurance covered in the case of fire, theft, flood or any other unexpected occurrence.

CCTV Protected

Our storage facilities are CCTV and alarm protected including the indoors and the outdoors of the garage.

Tyre Check

We ensure to regularly complete tyre checks on vehicles to always be ready for road use. The tyre check includes condition check, pressure check and adjustment, tread depth check and periodic rotation.

Battery Check

If you wish on storing your car with us for a long time of period we can make sure to systematically maintain the battery level. We can provide a consistent battery check by checking the condition and doing regular top-up charges that can last the battery for years.

Engine Run

We provide a daily stationary engine run of your vehicle up to the appropriate temperature level.

*We would ask for at least a 24hour notice before collecting your car.

To book your space call us now on +357 22008901 / +357 99770964 or via email


CCTV Protected



Battery Check





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